Designer Physique Vege Protein 750g- Vegan Friendly- SAVE $23

Designer Physique Vege Protein 750g- Vegan Friendly- SAVE $23



Tony Sfeir's Designer Physique

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Designer Physique Vege Protein 750g- Vegan Friendly- SAVE $20
.Low allergy
.93% fat free
.Low GI/carbohydrate
.High fibre
.Low salicylate

Naturally free from wheat, gluten, dairy derivatives, egg, soy, animal products, and additives

Vege ProteinTM is derived from carob seed. It has an excellent amino acid profile similar to soy protein. It is an excellent source of protein for people who want a LOW ALLERGY protein that is naturally free from wheat, gluten, lactose, dairy derivatives, soy, egg, animal products and additives. Vege ProteinTM is also LOW GI and can be combined with other foods to help reduce the overall GI of that meal. It is rich in soluble and insoluble fibre.

Vege ProteinTM is 100% natural and has a natural nutty flavour allowing it to be consumed in a variety of interesting ways. Vege ProteinTM is 100% lactose free making it ideal for vegans, vegetarians and those who are lactose sensitive.

Serving suggestions:

Milk alternative

Soup mix

Hot carob/chocolate/latte mix

Use it to thicken sauces and gravies

Add to drinks/shakes

Add to meat patties/veggie burgers

Add a small amount to low fat muffins and breads to keep them moist

Nutritional Information Servings per 750g : 25
Serving Size 30g (2 heaped tablespoons)

Per serving 30g per 100g
Energy 342kj(81cals) 1141kj(270cals)
Protein 13.8g 46g
Fat 1.8g 6g
-saturated 0g 0g
-trans 0g 0g
Carbohydrated- total 3g 10g
Sugar 0g 0g
Fibre- total 6g 20g
Soluble 2.4g 8g
insoluble 3.6g 12g
sodium 0mg 0mg

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