The Chocolate Diet - Your 7 day Shap-Up plan in a box- Only $24.95 Plus Free authentic shaker For a Limited Time

The Chocolate Diet - Your 7 day Shap-Up plan in a box- Only $24.95 Plus Free authentic shaker For a Limited Time



The Chocolate Diet


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We've done all the hard work for you The Chocolate Diet is a thoroughly researched, scientifically proven program that combines a scrumptious eating plan with our delicious Chocolate Diet Shakes to help you get your diet on track and your life back in control.

Designed for quick results and tailored to your lifestyle

You can use The Chocolate Diet Program for a short time if you just need to drop a few kilos, or you can use it for an extended time if you have a more significant weight loss goal. This Program Guide will explain exactly what to eat, when to eat and how much. All you need to do is follow the guide to achieve your desired results.

You won’t go hungry. In fact, you’ll eat more often!

On The Chocolate Diet Program we recommend you eat six meals, rather than the usual three:

  • One meal will be more substantial, which we call your Main Meal Option, usually your dinner meal but you can swap with your lunch meal

  • Two meals will be Snack Meals Options

  • Two of your meals will be your Chocolate Diet Shakes

  • One meal will be your Chocolate Treat, preferably after dinner

So what does a typical week on the Chocolate Diet look like? Click here to view a sample weekly meal program.

In addition to the foods listed here you should aim to drink around two litres of water (6 – 8 glasses) each day. You can also have 2 – 3 cups of coffee or tea each day however avoid milky coffees like lattes or cappuccinos as they contain extra carbs.

Flexibility – The Key to Success

The best thing is the daily program can be shuffled around to meet your lifestyle. For example, you may want to move your Dinner to Lunch and have a Chocolate Diet Shake at dinner.

Or perhaps you may want to swap a Lighter Meal Option with a Shake of Main Meal. However your day pans out, you simply need to fit in your Main Meal, 2 Snack meals Options, 2 shakes, and your Chocolate Treat each day.

In fact, you can substitute any of the Snack Meals Options or Main Meal Options with the equivalent meals listed on this website. We’ve designed The Chocolate Diet to fit into your lifestyle and family needs – not the other way round!

how the program works




Chocolate, on a diet? It sounds too good to be true, but it’s really very simple. Too often a weight loss program makes no provision at all for pleasure, making it just that much harder to follow through. But I’m not just talking about any chocolate. we only recommend dark chocolate products made from high quality cocoa. Science has proven that cocoa has many fantastic health benefits and high quality chocolate not only improves your heart health, blood pressure, and your overall metabolism, it is also a very effective aid to weight management. Based on this research and approach we developed The Chocolate Diet Program.

The Chocolate Diet Shakes are the cornerstone of your program and the our approach is to integrate a healthy low carbohydrate; low fat diet that utilises balanced nutrition, proper meals & realistic snacks rather than a punishing regime of denial, plus you get a specific chocolate treat as part of the daily program.

Unlike some other diets, you will never go hungry on The Chocolate Diet. In fact you’ll be eating six meals each day on The Chocolate Diet Program. Regular meals really fire up your metabolism which helps to burn more fat. Two of these meals will be your Chocolate Diet shakes. The other four meals will be REAL food so you won’t feel like you are missing out and you won’t go hungry. The best thing about The Chocolate Diet is that we encourage you to eat Chocolate.

In fact we actually give you a piece of our own special dark chocolate to eat - every day.

You see the cocoa in our Chocolate Treats and in our Chocolate Diet Shakes is special. It contains high levels of nutrients called ‘Polyphenols’. These Polyphenols are plant chemicals which have many health benefits that scientists are now beginning to understand. For weight management, these polyphenols help regulate the way your body stores fat, and they also help to control your appetite.

High Polyphenol Cocoa is also a powerful antioxidant that helps improve your mood, heart and cholesterol health. It can lower your blood pressure and help your liver, skin and circulation. Cocoa is an amazing nutrient. The Chocolate Diet Program is great news for anyone watching their weight – it will help you will burn fat & lose weight without feeling hungry. And better still, you get to eat Chocolate!

Finally and most importantly, The Chocolate Diet Shakes are low in lactose because they contain no skim milk powder, and are Gluten Free. This is what makes them different to the majority of other diet shake products on the market. It also makes them very gentle on your stomach and digestive system.



The Chocolate Diet is available in two delicious flavor ranges - Belgian Chocolate and Choc Berry Flambé. The seven-day program package contains 7 satchels for your shake and seven Chocolate treats to reward yourself at the end of your day. This is where The Chocolate Diet is unique - while chocolate is off-limits for most diets we give you a snack sized piece of 70% High Polyphenol Chocolate to enjoy. Our delicious real chocolate pieces contain no added sugar and are lower in kilojoules than milk chocolate – all the joy and satisfaction without the guilt. As they say, a small indulgence goes a long way!

Another unique and popular aspect of The Chocolate Diet is the ability to utilise the snack component where you need it most. For example, if your snacking weakness is morning tea or the 3pm munchies then you can time your chocolate treat to tame your craving. The snacks have an added benefit of helping curb your appetite, which will help you feel satisfied for several hours and get you through the snacking “danger” period.

You can also purchase the meal sachets individually if you need to replace a meal or simply top up your weekly plan with a different flavour. Why not mix it up!


One of the key principles of The Chocolate Diet is variety. We know its critical to your long term success.

That's why you’ll find there are loads of tasty foods you can enjoy as part of The Chocolate Diet Program. Most of the Main Meal and Snack Meals Options consist of a protein food and vegetable or fruit choices. Please click here for our nutrition information.

  • Foods you can eat

    Protein – The secret weapon in weight loss

    Protein is an important nutrient because it provides the components your body needs to build and maintain healthy skin, hair, muscles, ligaments, even your bones. Your body requires protein from food every day to stay healthy. But the real power in protein is in the fact that your body takes quite some time and energy to digest and absorb it. Including protein in most meals will help keep you feeling satisfied for several hours and essentially turn your body into a fat burning machine.

    Good protein foods include:

    Lean steak – any type, all fat removed
    Lean Pork – all fat removed
    Chicken Breast – skin off
    Premium or Heart Smart Minced Beef
    Other seafood such as prawns, mussels, oysters, lobster or scallops
    Eggs, 2 per serve, 1 – 2 times per week
    Ricotta Cheese
    Nuts (moderation)
    Lean Lamb – such as lamb steaks or back straps
    Lean Veal – all fat removed
    Turkey Breast – skin off
    Fish fillet – all types
    Lean small goods meat such as ham, or turkey
    Low Fat Cottage Cheese

    That said, many protein foods like meat, dairy and eggs contain reasonable levels of fats, so of course should be consumed in moderation. What is moderation? For your main meal option a protein serving of meat, chicken or fish should be between 100 – 150g depending on your body size and activity (kitchen scales are a good idea for monitoring this!).

    As a general guide, the portion should be about the size and ¾ thickness of the palm of your hand – minus your fingers! For Snack Options you should aim for a little over half this quantity (70 – 90g).

    When cooking your protein, grilling or baking are good options as they don’t require you to add any extra fat and any fats already on the meat can be drained off. If you fry or stir fry your food, use a non stick pan or wok and a light spray of cooking oil.

    Avoid deep frying or shallow frying in a lot of oil as most foods will soak up the oil and increase the fat content. Also avoid crumbing or battering your food as this will add unwanted carbs and fats.

    Meats and poultry can also be cooked in casseroles with a variety of vegetables, but go easy on the starchy vegetables and be careful adding too much oil to your cooking!

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    Vegetables are full of great nutrients including vitamins, minerals and fiber. The best vegetables to eat on this program are the fibrous, non-starchy types like broccoli, cabbage and zucchini because they are very low in carbohydrates and kilojoules. Below is a list of vegetables you are free to enjoy as much as you want on The Chocolate Diet. In fact, you should try to have at least 3 cups of these vegetables daily, either cooked or raw

    Below is a list of vegetables you are free to enjoy on The Chocolate Diet Program. The quantity you can eat is basically free within reason, unless otherwise stated. You should try to have 3 cups of these vegetables daily, either cooked or raw.

    Recommended Vegetables include:

    Brussel SproutsSilver Beet
    String BeansLettuce
    BeetrootSnow Peas

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