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Collagen for natural beauty at any age

By The Natural City on August 6, 2014 in Nutrition | comments

Collagen for natural beauty at any age

Natural beauty issomething that comes from within and the health of your hair, skin and nails is a good indicator of youroverall health, reflecting the state of your whole body. Fine lines andwrinkles may be your very first clue that your natural collagen levels aredeclining. Collagen is important for the structure of your hair, skin and nails andhelps to maintain hydration, reducing signs of visible ageing.  


What is collagen?

Collagen fibre are madeup of three different amino acid building blocks or proteins that intertwine toform a chain, much like the structure of a strong rope. Collagen is the mostabundant protein found in your body, making up around 30% of your total bodyprotein, and is the major structural component found in hair, skin and nails.Collagen also the ability to attract and bind water, so is essential to keepyourhair, skin and nails well hydrated and ‘plumped-up.’


Types of collagen

There are over 20 types of collagen in your body, althoughtype I collagen makes up around 90% of the collagen found in your bodyofype I collagen e ability to attract andbind water, so is essential to keep uction so there is less avaialble rmolecular wei. Type I collagen maintains the integrity of thedermis whichsits underneath the epidermis, your outer protective layer of skin. Thedermis is rich in blood vessels helping to provide nutrients and removing wasteproducts for healthy, nourished hair, skin and nails. Marinecollagen is thought to have greater absorption and bioavailability due to itslow molecular weight or smaller particles, when compared to bovine, porcine orpoultry sources of animal based collagen.


Ageing begins when collagenlevels decline

Ageing can begin at any age. Everydayfactors, from the foods you eat, your hair and body products, pollution andstress can all impact thehealth of your hair, skin and nails. As you begin to ‘mature’ and age, you may start to notice some unwelcome changes to yourhair, skin and nails. Collagen levels, particularly type I collagen, naturally begin to decline as you age, resulting in those visibleoutward changes such as fine lines, wrinkles andsagging skin, weak, brittle and splitting nails or dry, thinning grey hair.Hormonal changes, particularly in women, may also compound the problem ofdeclining collagen levels.


Benefits of collagen supplementation

  • Makes your skin appear smoother & more supple
  • Helps your skin retain moisture
  • Prevents the formation of deep wrinkles
  • Rejuvenates & revitalises your skin
  • Increases your skin’s firmness & elasticity
  • Provides the building blocks for collagen production

Healthylifestyle choices

In conjunction with collagen supplementation, thereare plenty of healthy lifestyle choices you can make to help improve theappearance of your hair, skin and nails: 

·        Drink plenty of water to maintainhydration; we’ve all seen a grape turn into a sultana due to lack of moisture;the same goes for your hair, skin and nails

·        Eat a healthy & varied diet; freshfruits & vegetables, quality proteins & healthy fats, eliminate sugar,refined & processed foods

·        Apply sunscreen & lip balm whenenjoying the great outdoors

·        Use natural, chemical free beauty& personal products

·        Enjoy moderate exercise to get yourcirculation going

·        Watch your stress levels to helpreduce premature ageing

·        Stop smoking, it can make you lookaround nine years older than you really are




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