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MCT Oil - Promotional banners cry of its weight loss abilites

By The Natural City on April 21, 2014 in Nutrition | comments

MCT Oil – Promotional bannerscry of its weight loss abilities.

Yet, is its arsenalfor killing Candida a far nobler cause?


Sometimein the late 1980’s or early 1990’s I went to a health seminar where MCT Oilamongst other health products were discussed.


Atthat time, I was aware that a number of ‘Body Builders’ were using it to helpthem ‘cut up’ for competitions. I also knew, from first-hand experience, that coconutoil was beneficial for helping one eliminate a Candida problem combined withthe right diet.


However,what was foreign to me was that one could buy the active constituent in coconutoil (that virtually kills Candida on contact) with far better results than whencoconut oil was used on its own.


Thissubstance known as MCT Oil or more accurately caprylic acid has been arelieving tonic when that all-too-familiar feeling of being on the verge of aCandida spell was apparent. Without it, I knew all too well that the Candidawould become increasingly difficult to budge.


Nowmind you, not everyone is as prone to fungal infections as my hereditarypredisposition has dictated, but for those who are more susceptible tocontracting Candida, MCT Oil has been a blessing.


Ihave recommended this oil amongst other coconut products to several friends andeven a few patrons who exhibited some of the classic symptoms suggesting aCandida infection (i.e. brain fog, a certain type of heart-burn or reflux,tiredness, bloating, digestive issues, flared-up skin conditions, apathy etc…).


The Result: allpositive responses, not one negative comment has ever eventuated. At worst, ithelped a little. At best (with not a small amount of prayer), it was seen as amiraculous ‘God Send’.          


Overthe last 20 years I have seen many people suffering, not only from Candida buta variety of infections which could be attributed to a fungal manifestation.Moreover, with all the health information out there one would think that thesekinds of infections would be diminishing.


Notso from what I have witnessed, quite the contrary is true, especially regardingfungal infections as a whole – they seem to be escalating.


Justremember if you do ever call on this wonderful weapon to help eliminate yourCandida, please have plenty of food with it – it can make you nauseas especiallyif it’s taken on an empty stomach.


Erin Zephyre

Health Consultant

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