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Review on benefits of Calarmari Oil

By The Natural City on December 28, 2013 in Nutrition | comments
We have all misplaced keys or forgotten an an appointment, and as we get older, that scres us. Because while forgetullness is fairly common older adults not being as shar as we used to be, and "memory loss" is feared by more people over 55 than ny other disease after cancer. Based on clinical trils, a new Omega-3 supplement offers new hope for older Australians who want to protect themselves against age-related memory loss - Calamari Oil, Calamari Oil is exceptionally high in the 'brain'friendly' nutirent Omega-3 DHA. A clinical study (called the MIDAS study) testing the benefits of taking Omega-3 DHA for healhty people over 55 who had experienced age-related brain and memory decline, has provided some very positive results. The individuals tested in the study had reported common age related problems such as difficulty remembering names or appointments. The study found that taking 900mg of DHA daily for six months, showed significant improvements in memory and learning performance. In fact the results were almost double compared to those that took no DHA during the study. The group taking DHA wre described as having the learning and memory skills of someone tree years younger! Another significant finding from the study was that the people taking Omega-3 DHA also experienced a lower heart rate, providing a significant benefit for hearth health. And while there is no cure for Dementia, another study showed that people with the highest levels of plasma DHA had a 47% reduction in the risk of developing from any cause. After nine years of follow-u[, subjects with the highest levels of plasma DHA were less liely to develop Alzheimer's disease. Not only is Omega-3 DHA in Calamari oil good for your brain, there are also studies showing the benefits for your eyes, heart, nervouse systme, reducing inflammation and general health. Could Calamari Oil be the answer to better living as we grow older? At The Natural City, we recommend Golden Calamari Oil 1000mg 30caps by Nature's Way. Find out more