An Australian Made Sports Supplement range that features quality products delivering unique and specific benefits to meet the training needs of dedicated athletes.

Redbak recognises that active people and athletes have increased demands for vitamins and minerals. All Redbak proteins, meal replacements and weight gainers contain 18 key micronutrients, including all essential vitamins and minerals.

Redbak uses the natural flavouring agent MagnaSweetTM, a natural extract from licorice root, in their protein powders, meal replacements and weight gainers to give the products a natural sweetness and enhance their taste, thus reducing the need to use high doses of sucralose and eliminate the use of other artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

Redbak's comprehensive range of TGA listed capsules and muscle nutrient powder formulations use only high quality herbal ingredients and amino acids backed by reliable research and validated studies. Redbak uses proven scientific research to determine the levels of active ingredients required in their products to obtain the claimed therapeutic effects, making them some of the most effective supplements on the market. There are no products available within this brand.