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6 Pack Bag Meal Management System Product Information

•6 Pack Bag Meal Management System by 6 Pack Fitness

•100's of diets - ONE Meal Management System

•Large Bag - 13" Tall with 5 Reusable Containers

•Small Bag - 9" Tall with 3 Reusable containers

•Keep food & drinks cold and fresh with the 6 Pack Bag Meal Management System by 6 pack Fitness

•Room for protein powders, utensils, water bottles and Supplements in one easy storage system

The 6 Pack Fitness Mission

6 Pack Fitness is an innovative health and fitness lifestyle company.

A fitness lifestyle takes discipline and dedication, especially for our on the go generation. That's why we use smart designs, education and cutting-edge fitness methodology to help health-conscious people everywhere-from bodybuilders to after-work gym goers-meet their fitness goals. We create functional, attractive products and apparel for serious minded athletes on the street and in the gym.

A fitness lifestyle is more than a chiselled physique; it has the power to transform our bodies and inspire our minds, resulting in a longer, happier, healthier life. We're committed to spreading this message through our products and insider recommendations, one 6-Pack body at a time.

Join the ranks and live the 6-Pack lifestyle!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my icepacks?

Step 1. Sink your dry ice pack into water

Step 2. Wait 15-20 minutes

Step 3. Place icepack in freezer until frozen

Step 4. Use in your 6 Pack Meal Management System

How long do the icepacks last?

The ice packs stay frozen for 6 - 8 hours.

Can I use ice in the 6 Pack System?

No. When the ice melts it will leak through the zipper door. Our zippers are not waterproof. Yet.

How long do the ice packs keep food cold?

Suggestion: Place your meals in the food containers and refrigerate overnight. Then place the food containers into your Meal Management System. The ice packs will help to refrigerate the air within the bag. This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on so many variables such as: temperature of food when placed into the system, whether or not the bag is in a climate controlled area, how full each food container is packed, etc.

What comes with the bag?

Small: (3) Food Containers and 2 ice packs

-Each food container holds 0.7L

What are the dimensions of the bag?

Small: 9" tall x 9" deep x 16" wide

What material is the bag made of?

1680D polyester and 100% nylon

How much food do the containers hold?

0.7 Liters

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