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Quick Facts

  • 1180kCal per serve

  • 60.8g Protein

  • 154g Carbohydrates

  • 14g BCAA’s 

  • 8.5g Glutamine

Hard gainers look no further! Max’s Absolute MASS is a premium multi-stage release maximum dosage mass gainer for anyone trying to pack on extreme mass in a short period of time.

But that's not all!!

  • NO cheap proteins

  • NO cheap sugar dominant carb blends

  • NO cheap fillers

Max’s Absolute MASS utilises the absolute best of the best in ingredients, ranging from hydrolyzed whey protein isolates, high-quality maize carbohydrates and top tier fat sources such as MCT’s and CLA.

BUT IT DOESN’T STOP THERE!! Absolute MASS is not only packed with high-quality proteins, carbs and fats but is STACKED with added creatine, BCAA’s and glutamine to ensure performance and recovery are optimised




Core Ingredients

Anabolic Protein Blend

With over 14 grams of BCAA’s per serve, Max’s Absolute MASS utilises premium quality hydrolysed isolates, whey isolates and milk proteins. With naturally occurring caseins and high yielding proteins with efficient digestion, Absolute Mass offers the absolute best of muscle growth optimisation.

Glycoforce Carbohydrate Blend

Designed to synergistically support the Absolute MASS Anabolic Blend, Max’s Glycoforce Carbohydrate matrix maximises calorie consumption, recovery and blood sugar stabilisation with 6 types of carbohydrates and a tri-phase fast, medium and slow digestion blend.

Support Matrix

Protein and carbohydrates are important but without the support blend optimal muscle growth cannot be achieved. Packed with added BCAA’s, creatine for strength and power output, plus glutamine to ensure a healthy immune system and digestion, the Absolute MASS support matrix provides optimal synergy for optimal muscle gain.


Add 2 – 4 scoops to a blender or shaker with 500 ml of water or whole milk and mix for 30 seconds until completely dispersed. Take 1 – 2 serves per day in addition to regular meals. Dosage may be adjusted up or down based on appetite and to meet training needs. (1 scoop = approx. 50g)

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