Balance Massive Weight Gainer 4.5kg- Natural Flavouring


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Massive Vanilla

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Balance Massive - 70 : 30 Carbs : Protein Supports maximum lean muscle growth & recovery Balance Massive contains creatine for energy & muscle maintenance

High BCAA to help prevent  muscle catabolism

Balance Massive provides added glutamine to support muscle growth & aid recovery

High energy carbohydrates to sustain energy stores & support recovery

Balance Massive 70 : 30 is the ultimate carbohydrate and protein source to meet the high energy demands of training, ideal for "hard gainers" who have difficulty gaining weight or maintaining musle. Balance Massive contains added glutamine, creatine and branched chain amino acids (BCAA) for energy & muscle maintenance, supporting both muscle growthh and recovery.

The high energy carbohydrates provides a sustained energy source to support fast recovery and weight gain.Balance Massive Contains: Added Glutamine - to suuport recovery post-workout and the body's ability to repair muscle Added Creatine - helps you perform in peak condition by aiding muscle power, strength and endurance High in branched chain amino acid - Isoleucine, leucine and Valine for muscle mass maintenance and to replace those lost during exercise High energy carbohydrates - to sustain energy stores and support recover

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