Bioastin- Hawaiian Astaxanthin (non-GMO) 120 gelcaps


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BioAstin is dietary supplement for humans with very great antioxidant benefits. The supplement is obtained from a natural compound known as astaxanthin.

Astaxanthin – What is it?
Astaxanthin is active component in algae. It offers protection from sunlight to the organism. In nature, the substance is seen in red coloration present in shrimp and salmon. Astaxanthin is Carotenoid. This makes it a part of natural compounds, which give vegetables and fruits their red, yellow and orange colors.

Is Astaxanthin natural?
Yes, Astaxanthin present in BioAstin is obtained entirely from the organic microalgae that are farmed in pure waters of the ocean that surrounds Hawaii.

Is it safe to use BioAstin?
Yes, source natural material that is present in the supplement is actually cultured in pure waters present on the Kona coast of Hawaii. The manufacturer of BioAstin holds ISO 9002 world accredited certification, gold award for purity of manufacturing processes and organic certification.

What role does BioAstin play with regards to human health?
Research has shown major benefits of 20 – 50% enhanced tolerance to the UV light and subjects reporting deeper and quicker tanning.

Studies show that knee soreness is reduced when physical exercise has been performed. BioAstin holds US trademark for its effectiveness in treating the Carpal tunnel disorder.

People on BioAstin report GERD benefits. This has prompted manufacturer to carry out additional clinical trials for testing the benefits of the supplement for individuals suffering from the condition. The details would be released once they are available.

What are the overall health advantages that BioAstin offers?
Natural Astaxanthin has the reputation of being an extraordinarily powerful antioxidant. Comparisons made in the laboratory on the absorption of free radical present in BioAstin show that the supplement is 500X stronger in comparison with Vitamin E and 10X stronger as compared to beta carotene. It is 6000x stronger as compared to yeast and 800X stronger as compared to CoQ10. It is non-GMO and BSE free. It is free of lactose, gluten, corn and yeast. The compound helps in protecting against harmful effects of immune stress, pollutionandultraviolet light.

Can BioAstin be considered a Drug?
BioAstin is dietary compound that occurs naturally. It does not cause any side effects.

If you are on medication, would BioAstin react with the medication?
As BioAstin is not drug but nutritional supplement, it could be taken like any Vitamin, for instance like you would take Vitamin C or Vitamin B. However, if you suffer from health condition, it is advised that a chosen registered medical practitioner be consulted so that you could take their advice. The health care expert would have your complete medical history. Hence they would be capable of advising you suitably with regards to the use of supplements.

Additional Points
BioAstin supplements contain all the functional natural nutrients that are proven clinically for enhancing human health. Stable content of Astaxanthin is guaranteed over time. As per a number of different studies, Astaxanthin is not known to display any contradictions or harmful side effects.

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