Biosun Essential Oil Hopi Ear Candles/pair

Biosun Ear Candle

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Biosun Essential Oil Hopi Ear Candles/pair
For the first time, sophisticated research has made it possible to combine the advantages of the Earcandle with traditional aromatherapy. Matched pairs of essential oils are skillfully impregnated into the Original Biosun EarCandles.

All aromas are prepared in accordance with the ancient Chinese YIN and YANG philosophy. Unique, new scent combinations have been created, incorporating the balance of both male and female elements.

BIOSUN essential oils are of exquisite quality, pure, natural and without additives.

Frankincense/Cedar Oriental-Ceremonial: Spiritual Opening
Mandarin/Rosewood Mildly-Exhilarating: Elation
Orange/Lemon Mildly-Fruity: Relaxed Awareness
Eucalyptus/Pine Needle Strong-Penetrating: Exhilaration
Peppermint/Lemongrass Mildly-Refreshing: Purifying Light
Lavender/Rosemary Flowery-Clear: Regenerative Warmth
Sage/Thyme Aromatic-Warm: Security
Valerian/Basil Spicy-Deep: Liberating Peace
Vetiver/Sandalwood Smokey-Woody: Male Strength
Patchouli/Bergamot Exotic-Stimulating: Female Strength

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