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Biosun Ear Candle

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The ear candle and ear candling treatment derives from the ancient secret of the American Indians which has been preserved and transformed through the use of technology into the Original Biosun Hopi Earcandle.

The Original Biosun Hopi Earcandle is a truly safe and natural product. Made in Germany according to the traditional Hopi Indian recipe, the ingredients include pure beeswax, precious honey extracts and organic cotton. These are combined with powdered Indian medicinal herbs, such as sage, St. John's wort and chamomile, well known for their healing properties.

Biosun Earcandles are a safe choice because they contain the exclusive cross-shaped barrier which prevents any liquid wax or excess condensate from entering the ear. This barrier is eco-friendly, being made from environmentally compatible PE. Biosun Earcandles are excellent in the treatment of nose and throat congestion,sinusitis, headaches, T.M.J. pain, tinnitus, and otitis externa/tropical ear. Ideal relaxation treatment for stress or anxiety related symptoms. Softens earwax for easy removal.

The healing properties of ear candles has its foundation in two primary physical actions. Firstly, the slight vacuum (the chimney effect) inside the ear candle and thevibration of the rising air column serve to gently massage the ear drum and promote drainage of the frontal and paranasal sinuses. This has an immediate subjective effect of regulating ear pressure. Users of ear candles describe a soothing, light sensation in the ear/head area. Secondly, the locally applied warmth stimulates the localcirculation, invigorates local circulaton and reinforces the flow of lymph. At the same time, important acupuncture points and reflex zones are stimulated.

The herbs in Biosun Earcandles have been used for centuries for their specific healing qualities. Chamomile as an anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic sedative. Sage as a carminative, astringent and circulatory stimulant whichrelaxes peripheral blood vessels. St. John's wort, as a restorative tonic for the nervous system and an analgesic.All these in combination are very effective in the treatment of head and ear related problems.

Biosun Earcandles have obtained the prestigious CE mark (93/42-EEC) for medical devices in Europe. No other ear candle in the world has this extraordinary level of certification. Biosun Hopi Earcandles are crafted in Germany from the highest quality ingredients and are regularly tested at an independent laboratory in Germany. They have been shown to be free of all chemical pesticideand fungicide residues. No other ear candle worldwide is tested in this way.

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