Blooms Curcumin 600 plus (Turmeric) 60caps or 120caps


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Blooms Curcumin 600 plus (Turmeric) 60caps or 120caps

Beneficial for

Turmeric is a golden coloured spice with a long history of use in traditional Chinese herbal medicine and also the Ayurvedic medicine of India. 

Scientific research into Turmeric, also known as Curcumin, has identified several active components including the curcumoids, which have a strong anti-inflammatory action and a variety of health benefits. Blooms Curcumin 600 Plus is a refined curcumin powder that provides a high dose of the active curcuminoids found in turmeric.

The antirheumatic and antiarthritic effects of curcumoids may help provide temporary relief from the pain and inflammation associated with arthritic conditions.

Curcumin supplementation may reduce pain, joint stiffness and swelling.Curcumin may help support normal healthy brain physiology and function; it may also support a healthy cardiovascular system by encouraging the normal oxidation of lipoproteins.

Curcumin may assist wound healing due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities.Curcumin should not be used by people with gallstones and it is recommended to seek advice from your healthcare professional before taking during pregnancy.

Directions for use

Adults:Take 2 capsules daily with water or as directed by your healthcare professional; or take 1 capsule four times daily to relieve the symptoms of indigestion.If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Each capsule contains:Curcumin 632 mgequiv. curcuminoids (of Curcuma longa)

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