Body Ripped Evolution WPI 1kg

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Body Ripped Evolution WPI 1kg

EVOLUTION: The 21st Century Solution to Muscle Catabolism Body Ripped revolutionary new EVOLUTION W.P.I is the bodybuilder's best and latest weapon in the war against Muscle Catabolism and nitrogen load. Using precision manufacturing technologies, Body Ripped technicians have developed a formula specifically designed to reverse Muscle Catabolism and promote Nitrogen Retention. Utilised at the most critical moments in your training day - first thing in the morning, after training, and perhaps most importantly before training. EVOLUTION W.P.I can drastically improve your body building results by reducing muscle breakdown. What's more, Body Ripped EVOLUTION W.P.I is enhanced by the addition of 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including Biotin and Pyridoxine for enhanced protein utilisation, and Chromium for optimized insulin response.

EVOLUTION: No Concentrate, Just Whey Protein Isolates To create Australia'a finest protein supplement we started with the highest quality Whey Protein available, to supply the best array and highest Biological Value of Amino Acids to your working muscles. Then we add Partially Enzyme-Pre-digested Whey Protein Isolate (consisting of Amino Acids, Peptides, Poly-Peptides and Oligo-Peptides) to accelerate Amino Acid delivery to the muscle cells. Third, we enhcanced the already potent formula with L-Glutamine to give a staged-release one-two-three hit of cell volumising Glutamine - a quick hit from the pure pharamceutical grade Amino Acid, then the power of Glutamine peptides and polypeptides from the Pre-Digested W.P.I., and finally the slower conversation of Glutamine acid (from W.P.I.) to Glutamine within the body to give longer lasting anti-catabolic effect. Finally, we added 11 vitamins and Chromium to make the most potent and complete formula available in Australia today!

Power Up Your Training with Body Ripped EVOLUTION: Body Ripped EVOLUTION is the result of 2 years research and testing. Our goal to give Aussie bodybuilders a World-Class proetin supplement without sacrificing taste. Body Ripped advanced protein matrix contains only 100% Premium Grade Whey Protein Isolate (plus vitamins, minerals and L-Glutamine), precision manufactured using high-tech micro-filtration and ultra-filtration technologies for maximum preservation of critical anabolic microfraction components. This advanced Premium Grade protein is one of the highest quality protein sources available anywhere in the world. Scientists have confirmed that proteins of this type yield a higher bio-availability than any other protein source. The superior bio-availability results in greater ntrogen retention, greater protein synthesis and ultimately in dramatically improved bodybuilding results.

EVOLUTION is high in Glutamic Acid and L-Glutamine for cell volumisation.

EVOLUTION is high in Branch-Chain Amino Acids (25%!) - liverated preferentially by the body because of their importance in metabolism.

EVOLUTION allows greater Amino Acid utilisation for increased nitrogen retention.

EVOLUTION contains only premium grade Whey Protein Isolates

EVOLUTION when used before training, may speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

EVOLUTION may also decrease Cortisol levels (Cortisol is a Catabolic hormone released by the body in response to stress, which includes weight training).

EVOLUTION has Chromium added to optimise Insulin response.

EVOLUTION has an amazingly low 0.2 grams of fat per serve.

EVOLUTION has virtually no Lactose!

EVOLUTION mixes instantly and tastes great!

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