Body Ripped Pro Series HMB powder 100g

Body Ripped

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University studies have shown that when highly trained athletes supplement their diets with HMB, they gain significantly more lean mass and strength than athletes using a placebo. Two studies have also now shown that HMB may help accelerate fat loss that occurs secondary to strenuous exercise.

Scientists believe that HMB may produce an anti-catabolic effect by suppressing protein breakdown that follows intensive exercise. By reducing muscle tissue breakdown, HMB may reduce recovery time and increase your muscle-building results.


Servings Per Package: 100

Serving Size: 3g

Ave. Quantity Per Serving: 3g Per 100g

Energy Nil Nil

Carbohydrate Nil Nil

Protein Nil Nil

Fat Nil Nil

Sodium Nil Nil

HMB 3g 100g

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