Brauer Nervatona Calm 60tabs


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Brauer Nervatona Calm 80tabs

What is it for?

If you are feeling constantly stressed and tired and your life has become one big juggling act, Nervatona™ Calm can help by bringing your body back into balance and restoring a sense of inner calm to your life. Nervatona™ Calm will help you to unwind so you can relax into a restful night’s sleep.

Helpful hints

Stress is often difficult to avoid — how you handle it is usually what makes the difference.
The best way to minimise the effects of stress is to start taking good care of yourself:
Aim for 8 hours a night of deep, relaxing sleep
Enjoy some regular physical activity to release natural feel-good chemicals in your body
Eat small meals that contain plenty of complex carbohydrate up to 6 times a day to help keep blood sugar levels stable
Cut down on stimulants like coffee and alcohol
Find a relaxation method that you really enjoy and works for you — it may be yoga, meditation, deep breathing, bush walking or any number of things.
Nervatona™ Calm is generally better to use if relaxation is required after work in preparation for retiring (sleeping).


Adults: Take 10 mL, use 4 sprays or dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue every half hour for the first 4 doses, then every 4 hours. Children 2 to 12 years: Half the adult dose Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare practitioner.

Additional Treatment

B complex vitamins, Ascorbic acid, L-Glutamine and Magnesium at the recommended dosages may all be of assistance in dealing with this condition.

Additional Advice

Although not confirmed conclusively, it is thought that a mainly vegetarian diet will reduce the potential of dietary associated or mediated anxiety.

Active Ingredients - Tablets

Each tablet contains equal parts of:
Cocculus 4X, Helonias 4X, Ignatia 4X, Nux vom. 6C, Passiflora 1X, Phosphoricum acidum 5X, Sepia 4X, Zincum met. 10X.

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