Caruso's Natural Health Prostate EZE Max 30caps- New Super Potency One A Day

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Prostate EZE MAX

Clinical trial found men get relief from their Urination problems…

If you’re tired of urinating 2, 3, 4, 5 or more times at night, here’s some great news!

An Australian preliminary clinical trial recently found 87.8% of the 32 active trial participants experienced improvements in their medically diagnosed Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy, (otherwise known as an Enlarged Prostate) symptoms over 3 months*, when they used the Australian made, natural prostate formula, Caruso's ProstateEZE MAX. Whilst further studies on a larger sample with the addition of more objective outcomes such as flow rate are required for Caruso's ProstateEZE MAX, we thought we’d share these encouraging results with you.

Here are some common symptoms of BPH (Enlarged Prostate):

- Getting up frequently at night to go to the toilet

Trouble getting your urine stream to start

Needing to ‘go’ urgently and not being able to wait

Trouble stopping the flow of urine

Pain or burning feeling when urinating

If you can relate to one or more of these symptoms, you should consult your Healthcare Professional.

Clinically tested to help

Day and Night Improvement

The Australian clinical trial found that Caruso's ProstateEZE MAX significantly improved the majority of individual symptoms of a medically diagnosed Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Enlarged Prostate) in the active treatment group. In particular, there was a significant improvement in the:

• Night frequency

• Day urinary frequency

Day Urinary Frequency

Average day time frequency decreased by 15.6% and improvement was experienced by 60.6% of men in the active group after 3 months.

Night Urinary Frequency

Average night time frequency decreased by 39.3% and improvement was experienced by 75.8% of men in the active group after 3 months.

Symptom Severity

Total symptom severity decreased by 35.9% for men in the active group after 3 months.

How the prostate gland enlarges:

Developed for a medically diagnosed Enlarged Prostate 

Caruso's ProstateEZE MAX contains an extract equivalent to 15,000mg of the clinically trialed herb Pygeum. This herb helps with the symptomatic relief of a medically diagnosed Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (Enlarged Prostate). In traditional herbal medicine, Pygeum has been used to aid the symptomatic relief of an inflamed prostate gland and to assist the symptoms of urinary problems such as frequent night time urination, incomplete emptying of your bladder, after-dribbling, weak urinary flow and a hesitant, interrupted flow, just to name a few. As a bonus, Pygeum is traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, which is great news if your sex life is suffering.

Caruso's ProstateEZE MAX also contains Serenoa repens, Lycopene, Epilobium and Pumpkin Seed Oil. Because Caruso's ProstateEZE MAX contains a clinical dose of Pygeum, you only need to take one capsule a day. This makes Caruso's ProstateEZE MAX one of the most convenient medicines available to help your prostate.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Caruso’s Prostate EZE MAX is guaranteed to meet our high quality standards and is made under strict manufacturing processes. We are very confident about Caruso’s Prostate EZE MAX. So much so, we’re offering you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Click on the Money Back Guarantee logo on the left of this page for further details.



Active Ingredients. Each tablet contains:

Prunus africana (Pygeum) Equiv. to dry stem bark 15g

Standardised to B-sitosterol 9.75mg

Sereona repens (Saw palmetto) Equiv. to dry leaf 660mg

Standardised to fatty acids 39.6mg


Epilobium parvilflorum (Willow herb)

Equiv. to dry herb 500mg

Cucurbita pepo seed oil fixed (Pumpkin seed oil) 160mg

Lycopene 2.1mg



Adults take 1 capsule a day with main meal or as advised by your Healthcare Professional.


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