Eko Water Crystals Sachets- 1 Month Supply

Eko Water

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What Is Eko Crystals?

Over 200 diseases are related to over-acidity of the body.

There is a simple solution. Make your body Alkaline.

• Eko Crystals help to remove acid quickly

• Eko Crystals removes chlorine from tap water

• Eko Crystals contains 74 ionic minerals

• Eko Crystals hydrates

Eko Crystals Is A Water Enhancement

And Purification Product

Eko Crystals works in a similar way to a tea bag, the content of the sachet is Ionic Coral Calcium, which is an all natural, organic mineral complex derived from the unspoiled water near the Okinawan Islands.

Eko Crystals are loaded with alkaline minerals. There is an abundance of calcium and magnesium in Eko Crystals along with more than 70 trace minerals. Minerals are essential for your body to successfully assimilate your vitamins and amino acids. Eko Crystals minerals are bio-available and bio-absorbable.

The high content of alkaline minerals in Eko healthy water helps to neutralise excess acids in your system and provide better hydration. Better hydration and mineralisation allows better detoxification and delivery of nutrients at the cellular level.

It is essential that we all make ourselves more alkaline. To do this by diet alone is almost impossible. When it comes to drinks it is even more difficult. By drinking Eko healthy water it is an easy way to introduce alkalinity to the body.

Acid leads to pain, disease, and death; while alkalinity leads to better health and longevity.

Reverse Ageing by Sang Whang

What Does Eko Healthy Water Do? 

It simply helps to reduce acid levels in your body. Since it is highly alkaline it hydrates your body better than just normal water and provides major alkaline minerals (calcium and magnesium) plus over 70 other trace minerals essential for proper body metabolism.  The body basically heals itself when alkalinity and the correct minerals are supplied.  The only way to get rid of acid is by introducing alkalinity to the body. Eko Crystals are an easy way of alkalizing and mineralising the body.


Neutralizes excess acids in your system. When acid levels are reduced your body starts to function better. Many health problems clear up when acid levels are reduced.



Changes the molecular structure of the water to increase hydration at the cellular level.


The water becomes super-charged with an organic mineral complex containing Calcium, Magnesium and 70+ other trace minerals


Each sachet contains billions of antioxidants.


Increased oxygen leads to better energy levels.


Better hydration, better delivery of nutrients, better detoxification and a neutralisation of acids, lead to increases in energy levels.


Acid reduction allows better functioning of organs which makes you look and feel better. With noticeable improvements in hair, skin and nails.Weight loss is much easier when you introduce alkalinity to the body. Fat cells grow larger  in an acid body and shrink in an alkaline body. Eko Crystals can also reduce cravings.

Eko Crystals And The Healing Crisis

Eko Crystals start working immediately neutralising acids and detoxing the system. Some people may experience a healing crisis as toxins are released into the bloodstream. This is a good sign! It means that the product is working.

Symptoms of Cleansing

These can range from very mild to quite acute.  Depending on how acidic and how sensitive your system is you may experience slight headaches minor aches and pains, cold like symptoms, nausea, slight dizziness, sweating, diarrhoea etc.

Duration of Symptoms

These symptoms usually only last a few days.  If the symptoms are acute reduce your consumption until your body adjusts. Remember, this is a good sign, you are being cleansed.


If you are allergic to sea based products, be aware that Eko Crystals is comprised of highly active coral minerals from the sea which you may be allergic to.


Alkaline And Acidic Food Chart


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