Elmore Oil 250ml

Elmore Oil

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Elmore Oil 250ml

Elmore Oil : pain relief for all forms of arthritis, including Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis & Gout.

Elmore Oil is a mix of 4 natural ingredients. They combine together to bring you pain relief from arthritis, joint pain and muscle pain ...

Olive Oil, the base of the product, is a specially blended oil - carefully selected for it?s soothing, non-greasy, penetrating effect on the skin.

Eucalyptus distilled from the leaves of the "Eucalyptus polybractea" and referred to more commonly as "Blue Mallee Eucalyptus", this powerful oil has long been revered for it?s ability to penetrate muscle tissue and bring fast pain relief when used in a topical massage.

Tea Tree distilled from the leaves of the "Melaleuca Alternifolia: and often used for it?s anti bacterial properties, this form of traditionally Australian essential oil also has outstanding penetrating qualities, taking the active ingredients deep into the joint area to initiate pain relief.

Vanilla, the use of which dates back to the Aztec empire, where extracts were used not only as essences, but also for their therapeutic qualities.

Elmore Oil is a blend of 4 natural ingredients, combined by a process known as Triple Maturation, to gain maximum potency from the essential oils used in the formula, to bring you maximum pain relief from regular use. By massaging the oil into the affected area, using a gentle rotating action, you assist in the penetration of the oils to the joints and surrounding tissue to reduce pain. Use Elmore Oil for pain relief from all forms of arthritis, joint pain, back pain, knee pain and muscle soreness. Try Elmore Oil ... it has worked for others.

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