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The all natural Keto Logic meal replacement shake offers a convenient alternative to help support maintaining either nutritional ketosis or a low carbohydrate diet regime.

  • Supports Appetite

  • Enhances Ketones

  • University Studied

With no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners, Keto Logic Meal Replacement is designed to support a high ketone environment with only 4g of net carbohydrates alongside high-quality protein and fat sources.

Curb your appetite, support blood sugar regulation and provide the most superior fuel source for low carbohydrate dieting strategies.

Key Ingredients

Protein Source

Keto Logic use whey protein only for their protein source, ensuring you are consuming the highest quality amino acid profile available with little to no carbohydrates being added per serve.

MCT + Coconut Oil

With naturally high levels of MCT, Coconut Oil provides the primary anchor to supporting nutritional ketosis with the meal replacement shake as these naturally occurring MCT’s alongside actual MCT oil as well, convert easily into usable ketone energy and are efficiently used as energy by the brain and muscles as opposed to being readily stored as subcutaneous or visceral fat like other sources.

Final Thoughts

Combining natural occurring coconut oil, MCT’s, whey protein and an array of vitamins and minerals, Keto Logic Meal Replacement shake is the perfect meal alternative once daily to support fat loss and nutritional ketosis.

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