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efficient fat loss comes from a combination of good nutritional planning and hard work when it comes to training and exercise. Regardless of the level of effort and meal planning, however, fat loss isn’t always the easiest process. Fat-burning supplements can help, but many are fortified with caffeine and other stimulants, yet some people either get enough caffeine in their regular day, or they would rather avoid stimulants all together.

RASPBERRY KETONES is a stimulant-free, single nutrient shown to help with weight loss through increased oxidation of fat – the definition of fat burning. This naturally-occurring ketone is derived from its namesake: red raspberries. This means the raspberry ketones are not only effective, but also pure and safe. While eating a whole batch of raspberries would have good antioxidant effects, our supplemental version is both more convenient and more effective when it comes to burning calories. In fact, it takes 1 kg of raspberries to produce 1-4 mg of pure raspberry ketones, so each serving is equivalent to 100-400 kg of crude raspberries!

RASPBERRY KETONES aid in fat oxidation for enhanced fat burning effects brought on by exercise, and these compounds are also shown to help activate adiponectin, a hormone that regulates fat breakdown, so they’ve been shown to have a positive reversing effect on weight gain. As an added plus, raspberry ketones have also been shown to actively prevent the accumulation of fat, so you’ll simultaneously be burning fat while preventing fatty build up.

RASPBERRY KETONES is an effective and natural choice for fat loss and weight control.

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