Rose Hip Vital 500mg 250 capsules- Rosehip Vital

Rose Hip Vital

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The original Rose Hip Vital 250caps

Rose Hip Vital is one of nature's riches sources of vitamin C ... it alos contains 32 other different vitamins and minerals. this completely natural combination makes Rose Hip Vital a dynamic and powerful antioxidants to help maintain or imporve your wellbeing.

Scientific Research on Rose Hip Vital

Clinical trials- specific to rose-hip vital have confirmed it's remarkable benefits for arthritis sufferers. During these double-blind placebo trial, arthritis patients taking rose hip vital (as opposed to the placebo) reported

.significantly less pain & inflammation

.improved mobility, energy & motivation

.Better sleeping patterns

.Significant decline in consumptiom of paracetamol, codeine and other pain killers.

It even helps maintain normal cholesterol levels- .... All this from a COMPLETELY NATURAL PRODUCTS

Just Like Nature Intended- 100% pure & natural

Rose Hip Vital is organically grown in the ideal climate of Scandinavia. It's specially harvested and processed via a patented method to ensure maximum potency in the finished product.

Each capsule contains Rosa Canina (Rose Hip) 500mg

Dosage: Take 5 capsules a day with meals

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