Why IsoWhey®

Less of you, more of life!

IsoWhey Complete® is a high quality, easy-to-digest, nutritional protein powder. It contains ultra-purified whey protein isolate and high-grade whey concentrate, providing 15-16g of high quality, biologically active protein per serve. IsoWhey Complete® also contains 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, glutamine, medium chain triglycerides, as well as mineral co-factors such as chromium.

After a long run of success with the original IsoWhey Complete® formulation, IsoWhey Complete® underwent a makeover in mid 2011 to include new ingredients to support digestive health while helping to assist weight management goals.

IsoWhey Complete® now features an exclusive blend of three ingredients:

  • Litesse® - a low GI fibre that satisfies the appetite and nourishes probiotics
  • Probiotics - for intestinal balance
  • Digestive enzymes - to keep digestion running on time


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